tirsdag, desember 13, 2005

Lyric : Love

Lyric : Tor-André Skogland, 9. Desember 2005

Love is good
Love is sad
Love is satisfaction
Love is life
Love is hard
Love is essentiel
Love is eternal
Love is pain
Love is sorrow
Love is happiness
Love is war
Love is unfare
Love is family
Love is friends
Love is everything

Without love we are nothing
With love we are everything
Love makes life worth living
Don't loose it or you might loose the reason to live
There are always someone who loves you
Nomatter what you think I know it's tru
think hard thing good
and you will find in the bottom of your heart that it's tru
You mean something in the big picture
You mean something for someone

Everyone needs love to live
Remember that
If you think you have lost love go and look for it
You can find it
You can do it
You matter because.... you are you
you are an individual in this big picture
called the world

Why are we, why do we exist?
noone has got the answer
So start now to experience
with your thoughts
Why are you part of this big picture called the world
Humanity, why are we here

I don't have the answer but I've been thinking
I've found peace with myself
In my thoughts I've gone far
I've been studiing the big questions
To find out why I matter
Why someone care if I live or die
We are here for a reason
every one of us
You matter, I matter
We all matter
In the big picture

Love is good
Love is sad
Love is satisfaction
Love is life
Love is hard
Love is essentiel
Love is eternal
Love is pain
Love is sorrow
Love is happiness
Love is war
Love is unfare
Love is family
Love is friends
Love is everything

Does humans without love have a meaning in the big picture?
Yes they are all a part
Of the great big picture
Why do some believe?
Do they need someone to love
That someone loves them back
Are they not given enough love by their surroundings
I'm not sure
But everyone needs a family
If they loose their family
they make themselves part of someone so that they have them as substitute for their missing family
So everyone creates their own family if they do not have one
Humans needs to feel part of something
And we are all a part of the big picture
Some do not see this or realize this before they die
then they experience the truth themselves
That they really did matter

It's my thoughts that we live and die for a purpose
We are, we live, we feel, we collect knowledge
we love we lie, we live, we strive, we try
And all this is for a purpose
humans are part of a machinery
We are "born" and we live to experience as much as we can in our lifetime
Some live short lives
some live long lives
but we are all a part of the big picture
We live we die
and whats the purpose of life
It's all the things you experience in your surroundings when you live
What you do and feel and collects of memories
All this is not lost when you die
It's all collected in the next level of the evolution
Thats the meaning of life
We humans and our lives are just part of something much bigger and greater
Some call this God
Some call it many other things
Why name the big picture with a persons name

The big pictuer is not one person nor is it something we are able to understand
We try and we seek this knowledge
But we are not supposed to find the total answer in living
We are the big picture
Because we live in it
We are part of it
we make it

Love is good
Love is sad
Love is satisfaction
Love is life
Love is hard
Love is essentiel
Love is eternal
Love is pain
Love is sorrow
Love is happiness
Love is war
Love is unfare
Love is family
Love is friends
Love is everything

So never be afraid again
You matter, someone cares
someone loves you
You are part of something much bigger than humanity
You are safe nomatter what happens to you
Live your life like this and you will have a great life
Strive to feel and learn the meanings behind my words
You will be safe you will be fine
Trust me

Love is eternal...

Love is everything....

Trust me

If you are a song writer or a singer and want to use this lyric contact me and we agree about a prize. Be nice ;-)


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